"Our Environment" debuted as a weekly newspaper column, published by the Maui News, in 1989. The mission of "Our Environment" was to provide dispassionate and credible information, on a variety of environmental topics, to a mainstream audience. Each week the column addressed a timely environmental issue. The method was to introduce the topic; to "translate" scientific and technical information into language appropriate for a general audience; and to provide readers with information on "What We Can Do," in our daily lives, to deal with the issue.

The print version of "Our Environment" was soon joined by a radio version. The broadcast reflected the same mission and method as the newspaper column. Originally broadcast on Maui's KAOI Radio, the broadcast version of "Our Environment" was soon syndicated throughout Hawaii and often ranked as Hawaii's #1 radio "feature." Each week the show consisted of a daily 90 second segments, broadcast during morning drive time, early afternoon and evening drive time. "Our Environment" on the radio was sponsored by Mama's Fishhouse Restaurant and other Maui businesses. Its advertising roster was completely sold out from the day of its first broadcast.

Both of these efforts continued for the better part of a decade. Over 400 newspaper columns and 2,500 radio shows were written, and in the case of the broadcast version, produced, by Maui-based writer Jeff Stark. During this period Mr. Stark was also instrumental in creating and managing a variety of 501(c)[3] environmental groups inclding the Maui Recycling Group, Maui Open Space Trust, Hawaii Environmental Education Association, Hawaii Ecotourism Association, the BEACON Conference Group, and others. Mr. Stark managed several projects in the fields of solid waste resource management, land conservation, environmental/business conferences, green building, and more. He also served on a variety of task forces, alliances, committees and other efforts devoted to environmental issues. In 1992 Mr. Stark was voted the "Maui Community Choice Environmentalist of the Year."

An online version followed in 1996, and featured an expanded format. In the following years the Mr. Stark was also involved in legislative lobbying, and service on a variety of state and county task forces. For nearly two decades Mr. Stark served as Board Member/Committee Chair and member of the Executive Committee of the Maui Economic Development Board. This service provided opportunities to work with many of Hawaii's leading businesses and government organizations. Mr. Stark's main focus in this work was to serve as a voice for Maui and Hawaii's environmental community.

The current evolution of "Our Environment" is designed to achieve the same goals as in the past.We look forward to continuing our work with an even larger audience.