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Believes climate change is hoax perpetrated by China It now seems clear that President Trump and his crackerjack team have no interest in dealing with environmental issues. He has withdrawn the US from the Paris Climate Accord, thus becoming the chief executive of one of only three countries in the world not committed to fighting global warming and climate change. This is particularly discouraging when you consider that the US is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases. The rest of the world, and a majority of Americans consider Trump's actions, and excuses to be unacceptable and bordering on the insane.

Citizen protestersHowever, Trump may not be just insane. He may also be crazy. Case in point: his choice to run the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Ordinarily we could have expected an experienced environmental professional/expert. Instead he chose an attorney, Scott Pruitt, who made his career suing EPA, and other environmental advocates, and ginning up public attitudes against the EPA. This administrator seems to be more interested in polluting the EPA than in protecting it. He is usually busy fulfilling both his and his boss's goal of destroying the EPA. In his spare time he is racking up a record number of ethics complaints for his influence peddling and personal enrichment. He, like the president, seems to regard his public service to be a license to steal. It seems fair to conclude that the President continues to commend Pruitt for his mostly successful mismanagement of his Agency. The sad fact of the matter is that Pruitt has given Trump exactly what they both wanted.

The Trump Legacy At WorkThis wholesale retreat from, and denial of, environmental crises has made environmental campaigners redouble their efforts. Established old-line organizations like the Sierra Club and the Natural Resources Defense Council, have been busier than ever. Prominent among them is the National Geographic Society. This is an organization that has such a well-deserved reputation that it may well be one of the few pro-environmental voices that can overcome the Trumpists' claims of "fake news." One of their current outstanding publications is the ongoing "A Running List of How Trump Is Changing the Environment." This effort, which is updated regularly, features articles and imagery on most major environmental topics. The May 11, 2018 issue includes information on climate change and environmental pollution, updates on the administrations to weaken endangered species protection, rolling back car emission standards, making rules that prohibit use of the term "climate change" in the FEMA strategic plan, and many more.


It is also wise to remember that we are in the majority. We have more votes and we are growing stronger. Voting is the answer and if we all protect our most basic right we will displace those who have created so much mischief.If we use our votes to take back control of the House and Senate we will have accomplished a gigantic thing.

We can do this, and more and more and more of us are realizing that we must. It will be fun, it will be a great thing, it is something we can and have to do.


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A picture is still worth 1,000 words. As a matter of fact, positive images of environmental success are worth a lot more. For those of us in further need of inspiration the images on this GOOGLE SEARCH -- ENVIROMENTAL BEAUTY PHOTOS.

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