If President Elect Trump thinks he's going to just walk into the White House, sit down with his new EPA hating EPA administrator and figure out how to get rid of all those pesky environmental regulations, he's got another think coming. If he thinks repealing a few of President Obama's Executive Orders is going to stop the enormous worldwide clean renewable energy revolution then he's got much more than another think coming.

He also has facts and figures to contend with. The fact is, the growth of wind and solar generated electricity now outpaces coal, natural gas, and oil. All despite Trump's silly lies about the costs of renewable energy, its popularity and its efficiency at creating new jobs.
The years and years of hard work by renewable energy advocates, entrepreneurs, government and citizens is paying off handsomely and has been for several years.

This, and many other relevant facts were published recently in "An Open Letter To President-Elect Trump on Clean Energy". This "Letter" was published in the authoritative energy newsletter Renewable Energy World website on December 1, 2016. Here are a few points the letter features:
In the US, clean energy, in the form of solar and wind power, now represents the largest share of new additions to electricity capacity. In 2015, wind, solar and geothermal sources represented nearly 63% of all electricity capacity additions across the country, outpacing natural gas at 34%.

The solar and wind industries offer competitive jobs that pay good salaries. For example, the Solar Foundation's National Solar Jobs Census 2015 found that the nation's 209,000 solar workers received median wages at least $1 per hour higher than the national median wage. And the occupation projected to grow the most through 2024 - wind turbine technician -- received a median annual wage that was 37% higher than the national median wage, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Many of the largest, most iconic US corporations, such as General Motors, Google, Nike and Walmart, are now working to achieve 100% renewable electricity in all of their US and/orglobal operfations. Companies that have reached at leart one of these goals include Apple, Kohl's, and Microsoft. Tesla Motors alone employs 6,000 workers at its Fremont, California assembly plant - now the largest manufacturing facility in the state.

More than 2.5 million Americans work in clean energy, advanced vehicles, or energy efficiency-related jobs, according to EnvironmentalEnterprienurs' CLEAN JOBS AMERICA report in March 2016. Solar jobs in particular are one of the fastesst-growing sectors of the US job market, expanding 20% annually for three consecutive years.

Americans of all political stripes resoundingly support clean energy. In the latest poll from Pew Research89% of Americans favored expanding solar power, and 83% supported expanding wirnd farms.
Global investments in clean energy have grown from $62 billion in 2004 to $329 billion last year, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. In the U.S., clean energy, in the form of solar and wind power, now represents the largest share of new additions to electricity capacity. In 2015, wind, solar, and geothermal sources represented nearly 63% of all electricity capacity.

All of this is good news and, if allowed to continue portends good days ahead for the US renewable energy revolution. The problem is that this good, and real, news is being drowned out by the purveyors of the "fake news" that outshouts the real news providers.

To begin with we should work to expose not only the "fake news" itself, we must also work to spread the truth in a way that will resonate with ordinary citizens and our political leaders. It is no coincidence that President Elect Trump has chosen to surround himself with "fake news" providers and spokespersons. That, combined with his refusal to communicate fully with US citizens and others does not bode well.

The best antidote to "fake news" is real news. In particular, for environmental advocates, this means news generated by science and scientists. There is no shortage of real/good news as these these recent headlines from other stories in the online publication cited above:

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Click here to follow-up on these and many other authoritative, science-based reports, then get busy sharing your knowledge and information with those individuals in your life in need of an injection of real news.

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