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April 2021
By Jeff Stark

No quaraantine for wildlife As I write this we, and our new President, are on a roll. What a refreshing, productive and exciting roll it is. Thanks in large part the leadership from President Biden and his corps of mission-driven bureaucrats the sun is shining on a new day for the US. It is also shining on a significant percentage of the rest of the world. Now that we have rid ourselves of the large, dark shadow cast by our former/felonious President it suddenly seems that everything is brighter. Our world is running better, producing on-time or sooner and functioning to solve problems, not create them.

For those of us who focus on our environmental agenda it is like a breath of fresh and clean air has emerged. We know that our condition is still dangerous and dire. We are aware of how fragile our connection to our environment is. We know that the damages and abuse that decades of neglect have given us has taken a permanent toll on our health and welfare.

We also know that the basic justification for the way we have raped and pillaged is an amalgam of many different and often This changes everything competing factors. For much of mankind's dominion over nature society has supported the exploitation of "our" natural resources for religious reasons. We were taught that nature existed for our benefit. Plus, the idea that nature could be spoiled, overwhelmed and ruined was crazy.

What people did believe in was the concept that profit meant progress and should be encouraged. The quest for progress overruled everything else. It excused the most rapacaious behavior, the slaughter of indigenous peoples and the extinction of an ever growing list of animal, fish, bird, and insect species all over the world. We made our way down a dangerous and murderous path, metaphorically salting the earth as we went. Destruction of life-serving habitat assured that destruction of species was forever and the loss of diversity was celebrated and rewarded.

This is the mindset that many of us adopted, while at the same time being careful not to let the dark side rule us all. We accepted incremental gains and soldiered on. We won some and lost some but the decisive victory we sought never seemed to move any closer. Our victories seemed unsatisfying and we played a game of whackamole that we seemed destined to lose.


This changes everythingWe may have been wrong. At least one international environmental leader has just released a movie that presents the idea that during our Covid year just passed the natural environment gained ground, lliterally, and demonstrated a basic fact. Our environment can and does recover quickly once the pressure is lifted.

We know this is true because of a film, created by one of the environmental communities preeminent filmmakers and teachers.

Movies are one of those cultural phenomena that can have a global reach and touch people in many ways. Because of the particular sensitivity that populates that industry movies often make us feel uplifted, positive, ready and willing to dedicate ourselves to positive action.

This recently happened with a new film from one of the environmental community's leading filmmakers who has become a leader in the international marketplace. He is visionary and professional and his latest release seems destined to be around to stimulate and educate audiences for years to come.

Change Is UnderwayThe environmentalist/filmmaker is David Attenborough, a native of the UK and an international citizen activist, His filmography spans decades and mirrors the growth and reach of the environmental movement. Searching bing or Google for "David Attenborough Filmography" reveals the opinion from the editors and researchers that "Naturalist and television personality David Attenborough is the undisputed father of the modern nature documentary." After studying the natural sciences at the University of Cambridge, broadcaster David Attenborough began his career as a producer at the BBC, where he launched the successful Zoo Quest series, an appropriate beginning for an educator who has produced a series of series that has educated more than one generation of viewers turned activists.

onaroll7.jpg Attenborough's latest film is startling in its message and its spectacular photography. Entitled The Year the Earth Changed this film posits that the Covid pause, overnight, stimulated positive changes in the natural world that may have produced. "Cleaner air and water, less pressure on stressed soils and natural systems, animal populations recovering right before our eyes.

Describing this film and what it means would require much more time and space than we have here. This film needs to be seen to be believed. Fortunately Apple the production company, creator and sponsor has arranged for that to happen. The film is now available for streaming. Just search for The Year The Earth Changed and prepare to be amazed and uplifted.

To get started we can choose a path from our list of links to a small fraction of the positive activities in our "RESOURCES" section below.

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How To View The Year The World Changed
NOTE: As we write this the "film The Year That Changed The Earth" is only available th those who have one or more Apple devices and play content through Apple TV. We hope that will change, and soon. For those of us who would like to move the process to offer this film to a wider audience we can register our feelings to apple.com/feedback.