Summer 2018


It now seems clear that President Trump and his crackerjack team have no interest in dealing with environmental issues. He has withdrawn the US from the Paris Climate Accord, thus becoming the chief executive of one of only three countries in the world not committed to fighting global warming and climate change. This is particularly discouraging when you consider that the US is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases. The rest of the world, and a majority of Americans consider Trump's actions, and excuses to be unacceptable and bordering on the insane.

However, Trump may not be just insane. He may also be crazy. MORE ...



Earth may be the only planet in the universe that has water. At least the he kind of water we have - oceans, rivers, streams, lakes, an atmosphere of water vapor condensing into clouds, and ice covering massive areas of our planet. Ours is truly the water planet. We have all viewed it from space via famous "blue marble" images from spacecraft. The problem is that, before our eyes we are in the process of polluting our planet's water supplies and we may be in the process of discovering that water pollution is forever.

Over 70 percent of the Earth's surface is covered by water. Most of it, about 96%, is in our planet's oceans. The rest is lakes and rivers, icecaps and glaciers. Water also exists ... MORE

December 2017


Despite the efforts of the Trump administration production of electrical power is rapidly shifting from burning fossil fuels - primarily petroleum, natural gas and coal - to renewable energy sources. And, while most of us are familiar with solar and wind power another new technology is now growing and showing great promise. This technology, known as fuel cells, is not brand new but the growth of fuel cell powerplants is accelerating daily.

One major reason, according to information provided by Direct Fuel CellĀ®, a leader in the field, is that MORE ...

October 2017


Is the Trump administration in its last days? Interesting question. While it is true that every day seems to bring us new news of this gang's transgressions it is also true that there is still a chance that the scandals will not reach high enough to bring the President down. In fact, at the rate that administration officials and cabinet members are biting the dust, it seems that soon the President will be the loneliest guy in Washington.

One of the main reasons for this isolation is the fact that the President has not been able to ... MORE

September 2017


Mother Nature has been on a rampage lately. For those of us not personally affected it may be hard to keep up with all the hurricanes, storm surges, and earthquakes. This year has been unprecedented in terms of natural events that have destroyed our built environment. Perhaps worst of all, we have not been able to generate the political will to attack the root causes of these catastrophes. This despite the fact that climate scientists, environmentalists and others have been reporting for decades that one of the effects of climate change is MORE ...