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May 2021
By Jeff Stark

A new commitment for conservation Things are different now that we are getting used to President Joe Biden. Instead of Trump's lies and crazy self-serving claims we are getting sober, realistic renditions of programs and goals that are attainable. And they're being attained. From mobilizing a stop Covid task force to shepherding legislation that will reduce the number of US children who are living in poverty by 50%, the Biden administration is busy publicly executing an historic environmental agenda.

One of the main pillars of this new activity and fundamental change is known as "30x30". Simply put this is an all country initiative to protect 30 percent of U.S. lands and 30 percent of U.S. oceans by 2030. It is conservation on steroids. It promises to dramatically reorder and reshape the way our nation, and the world, meet our environmental challenges.

Land and water conservationBy choosing to work at the 30x30 level the Biden administration has chosen to play in the largest sand box available. They have moved the overall environmental campaign space onto a level that cannot be ignored and dismissed out of hand.

For those of us who are active in the global environmental community Biden's bold declarantion is like a breath of fresh, unpolluted air. It represents an amalgamation of international experience, faith in the belief that we can prevail, and hope that we can sustain progress and production over time.

The president's executive order also puts America on a schedule that will put us all on the path of 30x30 protections by 2030. This is far from the first scheduled deadline that has helped to energize American and global environmental campaigners. However, it may be the one that will be adopted by what is rapidly emerging Our children will reap 30X30 benefitsas the most environmentally conscious and effective generation ever. It is hoped that as time goes by and progress and success become evident, those who are doubters today will become committed converts.

30x30 will also manifest a phenomenon that is gaining strength here in the US and around the world. More and more large multi-national conglomerate are recognizing that the future will see a wholesale deflection from current business practices. Egged on by renegade boards of directors many energy (oil) companies are being joined by large players in the mainstream including oil companies being sued and suffering raids from newly elected activists on boards of directors. The push is on to reverse nature's decline, fight climate change, and secure the natural life support systems we depend on for clean air and water, food, and quality of life.

In many ways President Biden's bold initiative is akin to an "all in" bet in a high stakes power game. The bet is a last ditch effort which should have been among the first responses from government. Recognizing this fact may be late but it is not too late. We still have time to make 30X30 a boast instead of a lament. There is also room for us all in this effort. We can choose to to work on our locale and pace or join with the millions pledged to support the work of environmental groups that are growing in numbers and expertise every day.

The time is now. The question is how do we make our efforts, and the efforts of our cohort, as productive as possible.


The good news is that unlike the odds for the desperate poker players' "all in bet" the 30x30 effort has a chance to win, and to keep on winning over time. Environmental progress will be self-fulfilling. Every successful activity, every gain generated by this historic effort will produce more progress and more momentum. This changes everything Working to increase education and awareness is one of the most effective ways to become an effective environmental advocate. To begin this process we can check out a powerful film emtitled "Kiss the Ground". This cinematic review of basic environmental challenges and successes features Oscar Winner Woody Harrelson. Click here (Kiss the Ground Film | Official Website (kissthegroundmovie.com) to find out more.

Many other contemporary film makers are also choosing to feature environmental themes and strategies. To find more of these cutting edge filmls check out this Bing search on "Environmental Films"

President Bidens' 30X30 plan deserves a careful reading. It addresses virtually every objection to the environmental that we have become familiar with over the years. It lays out a plan to build a global "joint venture" that will serve as a giant job creator, it will also have positive "ripple effects" on the worldwide economy as well.

This document may some day stand as a marker of a watershed moment in the US and global environmental environmental movements. For a selection of reviews of the plan, and to download the full text, click here.